Concept and tasks

Ein Flyer des mittelfränkischen Kinder- und Kulturprogramms sowie ein Flyer des Bezirksjugendring Mittelfranken

We support youth work through counselling, qualification and networking as well as through various services and support systems:

  • Personal consultation
  • Network meetings/ interactive seminars
  • Conferences on current social topics
  • Classes and workshops
  • Information brochures and working aids
  • Lobbying for youth work
  • Financial support of projects and activities


Our functional role

Our main objective is to promote the cooperation of youth councils and youth associations on the level of state, district and local in a networked youth council and to support and develop positive living conditions for children and teenagers through youth work and active youth policies.

Our core responsibilities

  • Lobbying
  • Networking
  • Assistance
  • Counselling
  • Further development of youth work topics

Our offers are directed to

  • Professionals and multipliers of youth work
  • Children and teenagers

Our tasks

Poltical representation of youth interests

We advocate for issues of all children and teenagers in Middle Franconia by representing youth-related political interests. Thereby, we understand youth politics both as representation of interests for the concerns of youth work, and in the sense of a comprehensive task that focuses on the preservation, design and development of young people's welfare.


We support and counsel youth associations, city and county youth councils, local youth work, and other free and public representatives of youth welfare services.

Planning tasks

Our tasks include performing needs assessments of regional youth work associations, as well as the development and continuation of the youth programme for Middle Franconia. In doing so, the District Youth Council supports the conceptual progress of youth work in Middle Franconia.

Financial support

Within the context of its financial capability and according to the funding guidelines of the District Youth Council, the district of Middle Franconia provides the means for the appropriate financial support of youth work in Middle Franconia.


In addition to the required activities, the District Youth Council carries out further measures according to the resolution of the annual programme. It does not compete with activities of its member organizations, but rather seeks cooperation with them. Activities of the District Youth Council therefore go beyond the region and the institution with the aim of promoting youth work on a district level.

Performance of public duties

The District Youth Council performs public duties for the Bavarian Youth Council or the district according to the respective agreement. This includes, for example, the legal supervision of the Bavarian Youth Council's divisions, their consultation as well as the organization of district work meetings for the necessary exchange of information among the following professionals:

  • Community youth carers
  • Municipal youth carers
  • Employees of the unrestricted youth work
  • Employees of the city and county youth councils and youth associations
  • Members of youth welfare committees
  • Cash auditors of the city and youth councils